The Benefit of a Flameless Candle Display

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When you’re introducing your customers to the benefits of LED candles, consider using a professional display that will explain those benefits and help increase sales.

The Advantages of Flameless Candle Displays

A flameless candle display is a good way to introduce LED candles to your customers. Look for freestanding displays that hold the product at a heading close to eye level so it catches the attention of your customer. Multisided displays, like branded cabinets, show more than one product from a line so there’s an increased chance of your customers finding the perfect candle for their home.
Look for a display that explains some of the benefits of battery-operated candles. An uninformed consumer will walk past a display if they aren’t interested. By extolling the advantages of using LED candles instead of traditional candles, you increase the chance of a customer stopping and handling the product. When you display high quality flameless candles made of wax and with a flickering glow, you increase the likelihood of a customer trying a flameless candle.
A good display or P.O.P. easel sign does the talking for you. It sells the product to people who prefer to browse undisturbed or customers you can’t help because you’re tied up with someone else. They also provide talking points for staff if a customer asks about the benefits of a flameless candle.

The Benefits of Flameless Candles

Look for displays that list both well-known and lesser-known benefits of going flameless.
The best known benefit is that flameless candles are safer than traditional candles since they aren’t a fire hazard. This makes them desirable for families with small children or pets. If your staff sees a parent with a stroller or someone with stray fur on their pants, they are looking at a potential customer for LED candles.
The flameless candle display should also mention the longevity of these candles. Since they don’t melt, they keep their shape and design for years. Many battery-operated candles also have a long battery life. For example, the Mirage Candle by Candle Impressions will last up to 650 hours. Other Candle Impressions products can last up to 3,000 hours.
If the candles operate by remote control, the display should mention this popular feature. The allure of turning on your candles without leaving the couch is a timesaver, especially after a long day.
If you have the space, consider displaying a working candle so your customers can see the dancing and flickering flame. Once they see that they won’t be sacrificing the ambience of a traditional candle, you’re one step closer to making a sale. Many high quality brands also offer a "Try Me” box that lets the customer push a button to see how the flameless candle looks in a shadowed box. Consider adding a few of these to your flameless candle display. Some people prefer to buy the Try Me box because they know the candle inside works.
Programmable timers are another feature that should be highlighted if available. When talking to your customers, paint a cozy picture of returning home to find a welcoming candle providing light. You can also mention the added safety of a burning candle, warning potential burglars to stay away.
A flameless candle display helps inform your customers and can increase sales of this convenient and safe alternative to traditional candles.

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